Demonsteel Stirrups Recipe

Demonsteel Stirrups Recipe

The recipe for Demonsteel Stirrups can be found in World of Warcraft as a valuable crafting item. This recipe allows players to create stirrups that attach to their mount, providing increased mounted speed and allowing interaction with objects while mounted.

Crafting Demonsteel Stirrups requires various materials, including Felhide, Infernal Brimstone, and Leystone. These materials can be obtained through different methods, such as mining, skinning demons, and killing creatures found in the Broken Isles. Once the required materials are gathered, players can use the recipe to create Demonsteel Stirrups, enhancing their mount’s capabilities in the game.

How To Craft Demonsteel Stirrups

Demonsteel Stirrups are a valuable item in the World of Warcraft game that allows players to increase their mounted movement speed for two minutes. This recipe is highly sought-after by players who want to enhance their travel efficiency. To craft Demonsteel Stirrups, players must obtain a Demonsteel Bar and a Leystone Hoofplate. Demonsteel Bars can be created using a combination of Demonsteel Ingots and Felhounds of Sargeras, while Leystone Hoofplates can be crafted using Leystone Ore. Once these materials are gathered, players can combine them at a Blacksmithing profession station to create Demonsteel Stirrups.

Having Demonsteel Stirrups is particularly useful for players who frequently engage in activities that require mounted travel, such as farming, gathering resources, or exploring new areas. The increased movement speed provided by Demonsteel Stirrups can save players significant time and effort. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting your journey in World of Warcraft, crafting Demonsteel Stirrups is a valuable skill to have in your arsenal.

Ingredients Required

One of the key ingredients required for crafting Demonsteel Stirrups is the Demonsteel Bar. This valuable material is created by smelting Demonsteel Ore using Felhide Leather and Infernal Brimstone.

Crafting Demonsteel Bar

Obtaining Leystone Ore is the first step in the process of crafting Demonsteel Bar. You can find Leystone Ore by mining nodes scattered throughout the Broken Isles. Keep in mind that mining Leystone Ore requires a mining skill of at least 100.

Once you have gathered enough Leystone Ore, the next step is to smelt it into Demonsteel Bar. To do this, you will need to visit a traditional blacksmithing forge. At the forge, you can use the smelting recipe to convert 10 Leystone Ore into 1 Demonsteel Bar.

The yield of Demonsteel Bar can vary based on your blacksmithing skill level. At a skill level of 1-699, you can expect a yield of 1-2 Demonsteel Bars. However, with a skill level of 700 or higher, your yield increases to 1-3 Demonsteel Bars per smelting.

Blacksmithing Skill Level Demonsteel Bar Yield
1-699 1-2
700+ 1-3

Gathering Infernal Brimstone

Gathering Infernal Brimstone is an essential step in obtaining the Demonsteel Stirrups Recipe. This rare material can be found in various locations throughout the Broken Isles. To begin your search, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the process of locating Infernal Brimstone.

One method of obtaining Infernal Brimstone is by mining in the Highmountain region. This mountainous area is rich in valuable resources, including this sought-after material. Mining nodes can be found throughout the zone, providing miners with a chance to acquire Infernal Brimstone.

Another method involves seeking out and killing Elite Demons scattered across the Broken Isles. These formidable foes have a chance to drop Infernal Brimstone upon their defeat. Keep an eye out for these challenging creatures, as their drops can prove to be extremely lucrative.

Lastly, chests and rare loot drops in the Broken Isles may also yield Infernal Brimstone. Exploring various areas and engaging with the environment can lead to exciting discoveries, including this valuable material.

So, whether you choose to mine, hunt demons, or search for rare drops, obtaining Infernal Brimstone is a crucial step in your journey towards acquiring the Demonsteel Stirrups Recipe.

Obtaining Felhide Leather

Obtaining Felhide Leather is crucial for crafting Demonsteel Stirrups. The recipe enhances mount speed for a limited time, allowing players to move faster for efficient farming and exploration. Obtain Felhide Leather by skinning demons in high-level zones or purchasing it from the Auction House.

Felhide Leather is a valuable material used in various crafting recipes, including the sought-after Demonsteel Stirrups recipe. There are two main methods to obtain Felhide Leather: skinning Felhide Leather from specific creatures and farming Direbeak Predators.

Introduction to Felhide Leather

Felhide Leather is a unique type of leather that is imbued with fel energy, making it highly durable and perfect for crafting robust items. It is primarily obtained from demons and fel-infused creatures found in various regions.

To acquire Felhide Leather through skinning, you need to venture into areas inhabited by demons and fel-infused beasts. These creatures possess Felhide Leather in their own unique way, making it essential to hunt them down and carefully harvest the material.

In addition to skinning, you can also obtain Felhide Leather by farming Direbeak Predators, which are known to drop the material occasionally upon defeat. These predatory beasts can be located in specific areas and are a reliable source of Felhide Leather for crafters looking to obtain it consistently.

Creating Demonsteel Stirrups

Creating Demonsteel Stirrups can be a profitable venture if done correctly. These stirrups are highly sought after by World of Warcraft players as they provide numerous benefits. To craft these stirrups, players must have a high level of Blacksmithing skill and the Demonsteel Bar recipe.

  • Acquire the Demonsteel Bar recipe by completing the quest chain in Suramar.
  • Gather the necessary materials, which include Felslate Ore and Leystone Ore.
  • Visit the Blacksmithing trainer to learn the Demonsteel Stirrups recipe.
  • Upgrade your Blacksmithing skill to reach the required level to craft the stirrups.
  • Gather additional materials, such as Leyblood and Stormscale, to create Obliterum for profit.
  • Market the stirrups in trade chat or on the Auction House for maximum profit.
  • Allows players to interact with objects while mounted, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Useful for gathering professions, such as Mining and Herbalism, by allowing gathering nodes to be interacted with while mounted.
  • Improves farming efficiency, as players can quickly move between mobs or locations while mounted.
  • High demand in the market due to their utility, making them a valuable commodity for Blacksmiths.

By following these tips, crafting Demonsteel Stirrups can become a lucrative business, bringing both financial and gameplay benefits.

Demonsteel Stirrups Recipe


Frequently Asked Questions On Demonsteel Stirrups Recipe

What Is The Demonsteel Stirrups Recipe?

The Demonsteel Stirrups recipe is a crafting recipe in the game that allows players to create Demonsteel Stirrups. These are consumable items that increase mounted speed for a short duration.

How Do I Obtain The Demonsteel Stirrups Recipe?

The Demonsteel Stirrups recipe can be obtained by completing specific quests, looting it from rare mobs or bosses, or purchasing it from certain vendors in the game.

What Materials Are Required To Craft Demonsteel Stirrups?

To craft Demonsteel Stirrups, you will need a certain amount of Demonsteel Bars, which are created using a combination of Demonsteel Ore and Felslate. You will also need some additional reagents such as Blood of Sargeras, which can be obtained through various activities in the game.

Can Demonsteel Stirrups Be Used On Any Mount?

Yes, Demonsteel Stirrups can be used on any mount. They provide a temporary speed boost, allowing you to move faster while mounted, regardless of the type or speed of your mount.


The Demonsteel Stirrups recipe offers a valuable item for players looking to enhance their mount’s speed and movement abilities in the World of Warcraft game. By crafting these stirrups, players can gain a competitive edge in various in-game activities such as questing, gathering resources, and engaging in PvP encounters.

With its increasing demand, acquiring the recipe and learning to craft Demonsteel Stirrups can prove to be a lucrative venture for sellers and a beneficial asset for players alike. Upgrade your mount and conquer Azeroth with these extraordinary stirrups today!

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