Wild Garlic

23 March 2017

The arrival of wild garlic surely means that Spring is just around the corner 🌱

Every year, SNAPS + RYE’s owners Jacqueline and Kell head out to the woods to forage for wild garlic or ramsløg as it is known in Denmark.

The fresh green shoots poking through!

These young leaves are on this week’s dinner menu…

23,24,25 March

The Menu 

Soused Mackerel, Cucumber, Buttermilk, Radish

Nordic Prawn Cocktail, Scorched Greens, Wild Garlic Aioli 🌱

Norwegian Skrei Cod, Cauli + Broccoflower, Parmesan, Black Pudding


Rare Sirloin, Dripping Toasted Rye, Soft Egg, Fried + Pickled Shallots, Watercress

Saffron Bread + Butter Pudding, Clotted Cream, Cardamom Biscuit



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