The freshest of fish

11 August 2018

We are delighted to now be supplied with fish direct from fishermen in Cornwall.

Most artisanal fishermen are passionate about the way they catch, take care of and land the best possible quality fish.

Yet, when landed on an auction market, alongside large quantities from bigger offshore boats, often the recognition and appreciation of this effort is dissipated, and they are not fairly rewarded.

Kernowsashimi was established in 2005 to directly supply like-minded chefs from our boat, Lady Hamilton. Now Kernowsashimi is a collective of a dozen boats but we still hold true to the principles of Good, Clean and Fair.

Kernowsashimi does not buy fish from any market. It is totally dependent on the supply from its boats, giving customers assurance of the origin of every fish.

All of their boats use static gear and lines which means minimal disturbance of the seabed and high-quality fish. The nets are selective for different species and use large mesh-sizes allowing smaller fish to pass through. Crab is a by-catch from the nets or is caught in pots. The line boats catch Mackerel, Bass, Pollack and Squid. 100% traceability of every fish from boat to customer-with confidence.

They fish in and around the Helford River, which by a nice co-incidence is where Tania our Head Chef grew up, and being just 7 hours from London means that we receive their fish so quickly and therefor so fresh.

You will find Helford Fish on our monthly changing dinner menu and on specials at the weekend.






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