Rye-Ding High

25 January 2018

Our award winning rye bread is available for sale again!

We only have limited loaves available which come out for sale every Tuesday.  If you are unable to get to us on a Tuesday, then we are able to take pre-orders with payment by credit card.

You will need to order for a minimum of 4 weeks and we can then hold a loaf back for you to collect every week on a day that works for you.

If you wish to pre order, then please call the restaurant on 020 8964 3004 and we will be able to take your credit card details and set up your regular order.

Our rye bread is made with 100% organic rye flour, with no wheat, a sourdough starter (with no yeast) and a mix of whole rye grains, pumpkin, sunflower and linseeds, plus a few secret ingredients to give it that special flavour.




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