16 June 2016

Anne Black is a Danish designer with a passion for porcelain and all things handmade and sustainably produced.

It is this distinct individual touch, the unique shapes, and the simple decorations that give each piece of Anne Black porcelain its personal and poetic expression.

Anne Black ceramics carry Anne’s distinctive trademark: a quintessential elegance and minimalistic Scandinavian design from the hands of a uniquely gifted craftswoman and sculptress who insists that well-made is 100% handmade.

Anne’s life is the unlikely tale of a young design graduate with her own small workshop whose unique and timeless design took her all around the world, and made her the co-owner of a 70-man porcelain factory in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Everything Anne does – whether it’s the design and manufacturing of her porcelain, the way she carefully trains each of her Vietnamese craftsmen, or the goods she purchases for her boutique shop in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen – she does with a view to making our world a better, more beautiful, and more sustainable place.

Anne’s porcelain collection is crafted and manufactured in the Anne Black factory near Hanoi, Vietnam.  There, all craftsmen and women are individually trained by Anne to reproduce each new piece with meticulous skill, impeccable quality, and attention to detail.


Here at SNAPS + RYE, we use Anne Black ceramics throughout the restaurant and we hold in stock selected pieces for sale.   The whole range is available to order and we can either have it delivered directly to you or you can collect from the restaurant.

For further information or if you have any questions please contact us here at the restaurant.



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